Looks like 2024 is going to be an exciting year for the satellite industry! Will the NSGOs take over from the geostationary players – or is that just a perception based on hyperbole and press releases? Is satellite-to-device the next “big deal” – but will we ever get much more than just messaging and low speed data? And those tens of thousands of satellites. . . with all the debris and junk. Looks like the world is waking up to the problem big time! Are software defined satellites living up to their claims and expectations – and to what extent is inflation and supply chain problems affecting the economics? And is linear TV finally on its last legs? How do all these questions link up?


All this, and much more, at the Satellite Industry Forum in Singapore on 28th May. Join us for a full day of riveting discussions with key industry leaders where we will explore all facets of the satellite business in Asia-Pacific.


Early Bird Rate is now available – Register before 30 April with Promo Code “EARLYBIRD” to save USD100!

Key Sessions:
  • What is at Stake for the Satellite Industry?

  • Asia-Pacific Satellite Leaders Round Table
  • Indonesia – Seemingly Insatiable Demands for Bandwidth?

  • The Customers Talk
  • Keeping Our Feet on the Ground

  • CEO Viewpoints: The Way Ahead

Confirmed Speakers

ACESAT - Adrian Potter
Adrian Potter
VP Business Development & Engineering
ACESAT Satellite Corp
Stéphane Vesval_Airbus Defense and Space
Stéphane Vesval
Head of Sales Space Systems
Airbus Defence and Space

Stephane Vesval joined the defense and space industry in 1998. He held various positions in industrial operations, project management and business development.


From 2009 to 2018, he was based in Asia heading sales for Telecom Satellites then Airbus Defence and Space portfolio. In 2018, he moved to France and held the position of Vice President for the global sales for Commercial and Export space business.


In 2020, Stéphane Vesval took over the responsibility of Senior Vice President, Head of Sales Space Systems of Airbus Defence and Space, including Institutional, Defence, Governmental Export and Commercial businesses.

Paul Mattear_AWS
Paul Mattear
Head of Global SatCom (A&S)
Amazon Web Services

Paul Mattear is the Head of Global Satellite, Aerospace, and Satellite Solutions at Amazon Web Services, where he plays a pivotal role in promoting cloud adoption and providing strategic direction within the satellite communications sector. His work includes integrating generative AI technologies to enhance operational efficiencies. Paul’s extensive background features leadership roles at Kymeta and Intelsat, and 22 years of distinguished service in the United States Marine Corps, underscoring his profound impact on global SatCom initiatives.

AsiaSat - Raymond Chow
Raymond Chow
Chief Commercial Officer

Raymond Chow is AsiaSat’s Chief Commercial Officer. He joined AsiaSat as Vice President, Business Development and Strategy in 2018 and was appointed Chief Commercial Officer of the company on 1 June 2023. 


With over 20 years of professional experience in the satellite industry, Raymond is responsible for the global commercial strategies for AsiaSat and its subsidiaries/associated brands including sales, marketing, solutions as well as new product development to meet ever-changing customer requirements. 

GapSat - Gregg Daffner
Gregg Daffner

Gregg Daffner is CEO of GapSat, a satellite venture that leases entire in-orbit satellites to satellite operators for use in their orbital slots for interim periods of time, generally until the operator launches its own satellite. Previously Gregg co-founded and was president of Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS).  Gregg is the President Emeritus of the Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC).

Gilat - yossi gal
Yossi Gal
VP Regional Sales
Gilat Satellite Network

Yossi has been with Gilat for over 25 years, serving as VP R&D, VP System Integration, VP Sales Operations, as well as VP Engineering and Operations for StarBand, the first residential two-way satellite Internet service in the United States.

Yossi holds a B.Sc. degree summa cum laude from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. 

GSOA - Peng Zhao
Peng Zhao
VP, Policy & Regulatory
Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA)

Peng is the Vice President of Policy & Regulatory at GSOA, where he leads advocacy efforts around spectrum management, licencing, and national policy initiatives. With experience in telecoms, mobile, and satellites, he has advised governments and industry players globally.


Previously at Eutelsat OneWeb, Peng shaped regulatory frameworks for Low Earth Orbit constellations and satellite licensing procedures for WRC-23. At GSMA, he ran a global campaign to improve spectrum licensing conditions for mobile operators.  

Yau Chyong Lim_Measat
Yau Chyong Lim
Chief Operating Officer
MEASAT Satellite Systems

Yau Chyong Lim is MEASAT’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he oversees the management of the company’s business and operations.

Yau has more than 25 years of experience in the satellite industry, with wide-ranging expertise across multiple sectors including sales and marketing, business development, network, engineering and commercial operations.

He holds an MBA in Finance from Keele University, Staffordshire, UK and a BSc in Microelectronics & Physics from Campbell University, North Carolina, USA.

Milbank - Dara Panahy
Dara Panahy
Milbank LLP

As leader of the firm’s Transportation and Space Group in Washington, DC, Dara’s practice involves representation of satellite and space infrastructure operators, aerospace manufacturers, launch services providers, communications, earth observation and data services companies, banks, private equity firms, hedge funds and other investors in debt and equity offerings, project, structured and vendor financings, mergers & acquisitions, financial restructurings and in negotiating commercial contracts. He also advises on regulatory, sanctions, anti-corruption, national security, foreign direct investment and export control matters.

River Advisors - Katherine Gizinski
Katherine Gizinski
River Advisers

As CEO, Katherine drives the company’s position as the world’s largest commercial provider of satellite spectrum and exceptional bespoke consultancy services in spectrum regulatory and market access matters. 


With a background in the space industry, Katherine previously worked on the deployment of satellite and terrestrial technologies to austere environments for military, civil, and commercial initiatives. Katherine serves as Chairwoman of Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI), mentors through the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator and Space Generation Advisory Council, and supports the ITU’s Girls in ICT initiative.  

River Advisers - Alexis Martin
Alexis Martin
Chief Consulting Officer
River Advisers

Alexis leverages his broad spectrum of skills and his passion for space to help clients get the global picture, develop strategies, and overcome entry barriers. He has been supporting regulations, policy, and spectrum matters since the early 2000s, when he started as a spectrum engineer. 


Alexis holds a Master of Engineering in optics and electronics from the University of Montpellier, together with a Master of Science in Engineering in Information and Telecommunication Science and Technology from Telecom SudParis.  

SKY Perfect JSAT - Ken Shimotsuma
Kenichi Shimotsuma
General Manager, Asia Regional Headquarters & Regional Director, Singapore Branch
SKY Perfect JSAT

Kenichi Shimotsuma is General Manager of Asia Regional Headquarters and Regional Director of Singapore Branch at SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SJC)


Shimotsuma started his career in 1997 at Japan Satellite Systems Corporation, which later became SJC, and was engaged in Network Operations, Communication Engineering and Global Business. Prior to his current role, he was General Manager of Mobile Business Division responsible for marketing activities for maritime and aero customers. He has been in satellite industry for over 25 years. - Peter de Selding
Peter de Selding
Co-founder and Chief Editor

Peter B. de Selding is Co-founder and Chief Editor of, a website covering space business issues that began publishing in January 2017. Prior to that, he was Paris Bureau Chief for SpaceNews for 25 years, covering satellite telecommunications, commercial Earth observation and the launch-services and satellite manufacturing sectors.

Space Machines Company - Mark Ramsay
Mark Ramsay
Chief Commercial Officer
Space Machines Company

Mark Ramsey is the Chief Commercial Officer for Space Machines Company, an Australian start-up who is developing Roadside Assistance in Space. Mark is a space industry professional with nearly 20 years’ experience in a diverse range of technical and leadership roles, including roles at Sitael, Thales Alenia Space, Lockheed Martin and NewSat. Mark is also a Director at the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) and is the former Chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics Adelaide Section. 

Wireless Nation - Martin Arias
Martin Arias
Operations Advisor
Wireless Nation

With over a decade immersed in the IT sector and three-plus years focused on New Zealand’s telecommunications landscape, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges users face in understanding the technical intricacies of technology. My experience extends to addressing internet connectivity challenges in NZ, especially in remote areas lacking mainstream technologies. Collaborating with the Ministry of Education, I’ve worked to address these issues, deepening my understanding of the crucial role of connectivity.

Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) - Louis Boswell
Louis Boswell

Louis Boswell is the Chief Executive Officer of Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA). As CEO, his remit is to lead the industry through championing all broad based initiatives that result in a more vibrant and healthy video ecosystem. This includes being at the forefront of industry research, supporting evolving business models, understanding the role of technology, representing the industry in conversations with regulators and taking a leading role in eliminating piracy. 

Venue: voco Orchard Singapore

Yet once again the satellite industry faces significant challenges – but is that an opportunity or a threat, or both? Are NGSOs changing the whole market structure – and how are the GSO operators dealing with that, and are the financial markets spooked by all of that? Are software-defined satellites living up to expectations in terms of affordability and delivery schedules? Are we dealing properly with questions of orbital debris? Everyone seems to be looking at Direct to Device – but is that a real market? And what are the latest developments in ground segment – how are they responding to all these challenges? What about the latest spectrum developments? So many questions to be dealt with in just one session!

The ITU’s World Radio Conference is held every four years and the last was in late 2023 and the next not until 2027. What happened that might or will affect the satellite industry and what, if anything, can be done about it?

The launch of the Satria-1 satellite has significantly increased capacity over the country in the past few months and the Nusantara Lima spacecraft will add over 100 Gbps of extra capacity when launched in mid-2024. And it looks like Indonesia will need even more bandwidth in the near term. Will the NSGO systems help to provide that capacity, or do they need much higher bandwidth density?  

What’s their view on all of the NGSO/GSO kerfuffle and do they care? Is lower latency really such a big deal? And what keeps them up at night?

And the old chestnut: is linear video dead, or still twitching – and what effect, if any, does that have on expected satellite capacity demand?

The new generation of software defined satellites and NGSO systems rely significantly on gateways and ground segment as an integral part of the overall network. How is this sector of the industry adapting to changing requirements, and what USPs do they offer? What advice would they give to manufacturers and customers?

In Yorkshire, the folklore suggests that there’s money to be made from junk – and is that also true in space? But the problem is more acute in low earth orbit, with millions of smaller pieces of space junk that could have significant negative effects. How do we ensure that the problem doesn’t become a disaster?

2023 was a tumultuous and volatile year in the space industry for financing and insurance, but also a year in which new business models picked up momentum – what’s next?

Inflation, supply chain delays, in-orbit failures and dwindling order books in the GSO sector – what (more) could possibly go wrong?!

Brought back by popular demand and taking into consideration what was shared in all of the earlier sessions, this diverse panel unites industry executives for a high-level talk about the future of the satellite industry and the way ahead. Our panel will share their short- and long-term market forecasts of the satellite business, and cover expected / unexpected milestones, exciting new applications, potential unforeseen challenges and opportunities, and more! 

Gold Sponsors

Always innovating with an eye to the future. SKY Perfect JSAT is Japan’s only satellite operator. With 13 satellites covering Japan, Asia, Oceania and North America, we are the largest satellite operator in Asia. We play an important role in fields as diverse as multi-channel pay TV, SNG, internet backbone, cellular backhaul, maritime and disaster recovery services. We will continually use new and creative ways to aggressively expand our global reach.

MEASAT is a premium supplier of communication and video services to leading broadcasters, Direct-To-Home (DTH) platforms and telecom operators, with a footprint covering 130 countries representing 80% of the world’s population across Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

Silver Sponsors

AsiaSat offers reliable satellite connectivity, media and data solutions to customers in the broadcast, telecom and mobility sectors through its fleet of six in-orbit satellites – AsiaSat 4, AsiaSat 5, AsiaSat 6, AsiaSat 7, AsiaSat 8 and AsiaSat 9, and teleport infrastructure. From content distribution to headends, telcos, DTH, DTT platforms; Occasional Use; to One Click Go Live streaming service; IP-based, hybrid OTT service; hosting service; cutting edge VSAT solutions serving aviation, maritime, mobile backhaul, AsiaSat helps bridge the digital divide, aiming to be the foremost satellite solutions provider and an instinctive partner of choice in the Asia-Pacific. 

Eutelsat Group is a global leader in satellite communications, delivering connectivity and broadcast services worldwide. The Group was formed through the combination of the Company and OneWeb in 2023, becoming the first fully integrated GEO-LEO satellite operator with a fleet of 35 Geostationary satellites and a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation of more than 600 satellites. 

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. is a leading global provider of satellite-based broadband communications. With 30 years of experience, we design and manufacture cutting-edge ground segment equipment, and provide comprehensive solutions and end-to-end services, powered by our innovative technology. Delivering high value competitive solutions, our portfolio comprises of a cloud based VSAT network platform, high-speed modems, high performance on-the-move antennas and high efficiency, high power Solid State Amplifiers (SSPA) and Block Upconverters (BUC).
Gilat’s comprehensive solutions support multiple applications with a full portfolio of products to address key applications including broadband access, cellular backhaul, enterprise, in-flight connectivity, maritime, trains, defense and public safety, all while meeting the most stringent service level requirements. For more information, please visit:

Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar (Nasdaq: SATS) company, provides broadband equipment and services; managed services featuring smart, software-defined networking; and end-to-end network operation for millions of consumers, businesses, governments and communities worldwide. The Hughes flagship internet service, HughesNet®, connects millions of people across the Americas, and the Hughes JUPITER™ System powers internet access for tens of millions more worldwide. Hughes supplies more than half the global satellite terminal market to leading satellite operators, in-flight service providers, mobile network operators and military customers. A managed network services provider, Hughes supports half a million enterprise sites with its HughesON™ portfolio of wired and wireless solutions. To learn more, visit or follow HughesConnects on Twitter and LinkedIn 

With 34 years of experience, INTEGRASYS is a software development and engineering company, specializing in satellite network design, deployment, and maintenance; as well as developing mitigation tools for monitoring critical satellite infrastructure in commercial and defense fields, offering a wide range of signal monitoring products.

Marsh is the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor. With around 40,000 colleagues operating in more than 130 countries, Marsh serves commercial and individual clients with data-driven risk solutions and advisory services. Marsh is a business of Marsh McLennan (NYSE: MMC), the world’s leading professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy and people. With annual revenue over $18 billion, Marsh McLennan helps clients navigate an increasingly dynamic and complex environment through four market-leading businesses: Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman. For more information, visit, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter or subscribe to BRINK.

Thaicom Public Company Limited is a leading Asian satellite operator and provider of integrated satellite communications, a trusted partner of choice for many of the region’s leading broadcasters, telecom operators, enterprise, and government customers. Thaicom offers end-to-end satellite solutions designed to help its customers grow their markets. Thaicom goes beyond to leverage data from space technology to capture new services from the emerging new space economy. The company is dedicated to building on our commitment to deliver transformative social and economic impact for a better future.

Media Partners

Broadcast & CableSatis India’s premier quarterly magazine on products and technologies for content production and distribution for the last 23 years. Drawing on its strength of aggressive and comprehensive reporting, the magazine today is a referral for the broadcast, satellite, and cable community in India. The web portal,, is positioned as the preferred source for broadcast, cable, and satellite equipment buyers in India, searching for vendors and product information. The portal provides an opportunity for vendors to build brand image, provide live business information, and generate customer leads. 

ContentAsia is an Asia-based information resource powered by a well-known team with unparalleled experience, reach and contacts on every sector and level of the content industry across Asia. ContentAsia’s range of products – including print, digital, online, video, events and awards – is tailor-made for different industry needs at different times and in different situations. More information at

C21Media is “Home” to the International Entertainment Community, combining a portfolio of digital and print publishing brands with an events business and the world’s most powerful online content screenings marketplace.

C21Media’s business includes print magazines, websites, iPad editions, reports, databases, events, a thriving internet TV division.

Jumpstart Media is a platform and supports that connects Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We publish Jumpstart Magazine, the only print magazine covering startups and technology in the APAC region. Jumpstart Kids is a non-profit initiative to teach kids aged 8-12 about entrepreneurialism, innovation, and social responsibility. We work with partners including New World Development, HKTDC to develop acceleration, and innovation-focused programs. 

Media Partners Asia (MPA) is the leading independent provider of research, advisory and consulting services across media, telecoms, sports and entertainment industries in Asia Pacific. We provide customized research with strategic recommendations to help clients launch new products & services, enter new markets, as well as acquire and sell businesses. MPA reports are used and sourced by local, regional and global companies for strategic planning and equity & debt transactions. We also offer dedicated primary research through subsidiary AMPD Research to measure consumer behaviour across the digital economy, including online video and gaming. MPA also hosts the APOS Summit, the defining voice and global platform for the Asia Pacific media, telecoms, sports and entertainment industry.

Satellite Markets and Research publishes industry web portal providing in-depth news analysis, industry forecasts and market intelligence, covering the key trends on the global satellite communications market. This free service includes online access to the very latest insights and analysis, searchable archives, PDF access to the monthly  Satellite Executive Briefing magazine and occasional market reports called  MarketBriefs  and technical briefings called TECHBriefs. has three distinct editions:  Asia-Pacific,  Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the  Americas.  For more information go to:  or e-mail:

Television Asia Plus is a critical resource of curated content in print, online, and mobile for the APAC television industry. We offer complete coverage of the Asia Pacific TV industry, embracing the vibrant broadcast, production, and distribution business, including Free TV, Pay-TV, OTT, and new media platforms. Based in Singapore, we offer effective access to broadcast and new media markets. 

For 35 years, Via Satellite  has provided essential news and expert business analysis on the global commercial communications satellite industry, including current and evolving applications, infrastructure issues, technology, and business and regulatory developments around the world. Top satellite executives from 160 countries read Via Satellite to fully understand the industry and maximize their companies’ profits.

Supporting Events and Organizations


APSCC is a non-profit international association representing all sectors of satellite and space-related industries. The Organization’s mission is to promote the industry growth and accelerate the efficient introduction of services and businesses via satellites in the region. APSCC provides its members with a platform to exchange views and ideas on technologies, systems, policies, satellite services as well as outer space activities through its publications and industry events. Visit and for more information.

This expo serves as a melting pot for professionals, digital trailblazers, international businesses, and government leaders across IT, ICT, Broadcast, IoT, Fintech, and Embedded Technology. Anticipating over 55,000 industry visitors, 1,200 brands, and participants from 40+ countries, it's your perfect platform to connect with potential clients and tech luminaries.

Organized by the Exhibitions India Group (EIG) and ITPO (Ministry of Commerce & Industry), this monumental event is set to take place from 19th to 21st March 2025 at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Get ready to witness the future unfold at the 32nd Convergence India Expo—where innovation has a new address!

GSOA is the global CEO-driven association representing global and regional satellite operators. GSOA provides a platform for collaboration between satellite operators globally and a unified voice for the sector. Our vision is to help policymakers improve the state of the world by continuously bridging digital, education, health, social, gender and economic divides across diverse geographies and across mature and developing economies.

News Broadcasters Federation is India's most democratic and the largest industry body of news broadcasters, upholding media freedom and ensuring their business interests. NBFs- Professional News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBF-PNBSA) is the first formally recognised and officially registered self-regulatory body for news content on television and digital platforms by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India.

SIA-India is a non-profit association created to represent the interests of the communication satellite ecosystem in India. As a vibrant body, SIA-India represents satellite operators, satellite systems, launch vehicles and ground and terminal equipment manufacturers as well as application solutions providers to the Government, Regulators, Policymakers, and domestic and international standards bodies. As the apex representative body for the satellite communications ecosystem, we aim to present the industry's interest to the highest Government levels for policy-making and regulatory and licensing matters.

Since 1985, the World Teleport Association (WTA) has been the only trade association that focuses on the business of satellite communications from the ground up.  At the core of its membership are the world’s most innovative operators of teleports, from independents to multinationals, niche service providers to global hybrid carriers. 


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